Tourism of interior in the subbética cordobesa

11 May 2017 | Tourism

The Commonwealth of the Subbética, a tourist region located to the south of Córdoba, receives the traveler as a leisure proposal in natural spaces full of attractions.

Subbetica Subbética, constituted by the municipalities of Almedinilla, Benamejí, Cabra, Carcabuey, Doña Mencía, Encinas Reales, Fuente Tójar, Iznájar, Lucena, Luque, Palenciana, Priego de Córdoba, Rute and Zuheros, and includes in its interior one of The Andalusian Natural Parks of greater landscape and ecological wealth, means the placing on the market of an offer where Nature, Baroque, Archeology, the practice of active sports (among which we include nautical), and traditions (where We find an ample legacy in popular festivals – highlighting the fame of its Holy Week), are conjugated as the fundamental characteristics of a vacation without waste.

The region of the Subbética is located in the geographic center of Andalusia, being about eighty kilometers. Of Granada, and forty-five minutes from the Costa del Sol, as well as just over an hour from Seville. From Cordoba is some sixty kilometers.

In this way, the Subbética is an excellent offer of leisure for those who believe that a vacation is more than sun and beach, and are searchers for a socio-cultural exchange that these lands will surely provide.

For our location the traveler arrived to these lands has some cozy accommodations where he can plan with tranquility the visit to all the places of the Subbética.