Information to make a reservation

The procedure to formalize the reservation is personal, for this you have to indicate the accommodation, date of entry and the duration of the stay through our telephone number or by sending an email to our email address. You will be informed of the availability of the accommodation and available options that are tailored to your needs.

Tel .: 689 642 980

The rate to be paid for the reservation varies depending on the type of accommodation and its duration. The procedure for payment of the reservation is by bank transfer, the bank account number will be provided to you to formalize the reservation.

You can check our booking and cancellation conditions from the company policy section.

Check-in is always from 12.00 hours, unless prior consultation.


  • If they are stays of equal duration or more than three nights 30% of the total amount will be requested in advance by bank transfer and the remaining amount will be requested at the entrance.
  • For stays of less than three nights the amount of one night in advance will be requested by bank transfer and if it is more than one night the remaining amount will be requested at the entrance.
  • For promotions the information on the reservation process is indicated.