Biking on the Greenway

11 May 2017 | Sport

The Greenway of the Subbética runs during the south of the province of Cordoba following the layout of the old Train of the Oil. It allows cyclists and walkers to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra Subbética Natural Park and the wildlife of the Laguna del Salobral Nature Reserve.

The practice of cycling in the Green Road brings us to picturesque villages such as Luque, Zuheros, Doña Mencía, Cabra and Lucena dotted with charming castles and some mysterious cave. The extension of this route through the neighboring lands of Jaén completes an incredible Green Route of 112 km.

The Greenway has a tarred lane and one made on land. The route through the municipal area of Cabra offers landscapes of singular beauty, trenches, caves at the foot of the road, centuries old olive trees, bridges and the only tunnel of this way.